Yu Han is a Chinese American female director living in Los Angeles. 


In 2013, Yu directed her first sci-fi short film “Two Dimensions”, and a time travel comedy “Newton’s First Trip”. Later, she directed and shot an “Interview with A Development Executive” with a former TV Executive offering help and ideas to young filmmakers in the industry.


In 2014, Yu directed her first documentary “Fire and Dice”. The piece was dedicated to the gaming community featuring a card game “Magic the Gathering”. As a result, the documentary was a big success. At the same time, she directed a comedy pilot “The F Team”, a story taking place in a senior home where the retired superheroes live and try to make a comeback.


In the fall of 2015, Yu won the Best Director Award for a sci-fi comedy “Robot Club". The short film follows an outer space robot that falls to earth, encounters a group of nerds and joins the crew. The short film was a such success and attracted production companies in China, which led her to direct her first feature film.


In 2016, Yu directed her first commercial “Hunan Mao’s Restaurant”, an informational video that takes a very close look at the Chinese culinary history. And later that year, she directed a horror film “Shadow”. In it, a lone woman is forced to outrun a supernatural killer, but only to find that she may be responsible for the killings. The film was awarded for Best Picture and Best Editing by Kill Jim and Bloodstained Indie Film Festival in 2017.


In early 2017, Yu produced and directed commercials for Sunny Delight and David Zhang Allstate Insurance Company. Later that year, she joined First Media and Youtube to produce and direct web series featuring Asian American culinary culture. Toward the end of 2017, she went on to direct a sci-fi drama “Project 31” for the HBO Asian Director Visionaries Film Competition. The film tells the story of a man who falls deep into an experiment and mistakes his life in ancient china for reality. It was nominated by and screened at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival in Seattle February 2019. 


During early 2018, Yu Han was invited to China to direct a feature film - a Chinese romantic comedy “My 88th Wedding Escape”/"Run Away Marriage". The film was played on the biggest Chinese network CCTV movie channel in May 2020.  


Yu is back in LA, continuing to develop and direct films, web series and commercials. She is also now developing and directing corporate/commercial videos for Panda Express. Yu has since been mentioned and featured by "Free the Bid", "Filmmakers World" and various film production companies on Instagram and websites as a future potential Asian American female director.